Both massage and chiropractic offer preventive care to support your ongoing health. These two complementary therapies, especially in combination, form a powerful approach to relieve pain and increase your body’s mobility and resilience.

Our Wellness Club enables you to get massage and chiropractic care easily without insurance hassles.

Package One

$34.95 per month
ONE 30 minute massage
– or –
ONE wellness adjustment

Package Two

$59.95 per month
TWO 30 minute massages
– or –
TWO wellness adjustments
– or –
ONE 60 minute massage
– or –
Combine your visits to receive a 30 minute massage before your adjustment

Package Three

$84.95 per month
THREE 30 minute massages
– or –
THREE wellness adjustments
– or –
Combine your visits to receive a 1 hour massage before your adjustment

Package Four

$109.95 per month
FOUR 30 minute massages
– or –
FOUR wellness adjustments
– or –
Come in twice a month and get a 30 minute massage before your adjustment, or come in once and get a 1.5 hour massage before your adjustment!

Additional Information

  • Members enjoy over $30 in savings, versus non-member prices.
  • Appointments must be scheduled in advance.
  • Wellness adjustments may include limited flexion/distraction.
  • When you’re a Wellness Club member, all additional treatment you request is priced per the Wellness package you’re on.

Additional Treatment Non-member pricing:

  • Extremity Adjustment – $20 ea.
  • Additional Flexion/Distraction – $30
  • Hot/Cold Pack – $15
  • Electrical Stimulation – $30
  • Ultrasound – $30
  • Additional Massage – $45/30 min.
  • Kinesiology Taping – $12
  • Therapeutic Exercise – $30/15 min.

Wellness Club Guidelines

  • Membership is available to anyone who is asymptomatic and wants preventive or wellness care.
  • There is no start up fee for existing patients. New patients will require an initial physical and consultation prior to joining.
  • Membership is for a minimum of 3 months, and is continuous until the member decides to stop.
  • Members can request to freeze their account if they notify us at least 14 days in advance of their next scheduled debit at no charge; any subsequent “freezing” of their account is subject to a $25 administrative fee.
  • Any returned bank/credit card payments are subject to an administrative fee of $25.
  • If the member has major medical insurance, but is on our Wellness plan, we will not file their claims, but we can provide itemized statements that can be mailed by the member.
  • Wellness Club memberships are non-transferrable.
  • All services offered with membership are based on the availability, hours and discretion of the owners.
  • If a member has not used his/her membership for 3 consecutive months, we will make an effort to contact the member and offer to freeze the account for a maximum of 3 months until the member is ready to utilize his/her Wellness membership once again.
  • Any unused services accumulated will roll over into future months as long as membership is active. If a member decides to cancel his/her membership.
  • Atlas Chiropractic holds the right to refuse or cancel client membership at anytime.
  • Wellness club memberships cannot be used towards the treatment of symptoms resulting from auto accident, work related injury, or any other acute injury. These services are meant for prevention, not treatment.